“Flourish Skin Care Studio has a beautifully sweet and comfortable atmosphere. No austere clinical feel here, but the results that you get are just as good. I’ve wasted so much money on fancy one-off facials that, at best, left me smelling good, not to mention all of the expensive product I used to buy that just confused my skin and eventually made it worse.

Charlotte knows what she is doing. Leave it to her. With regular professional treatments and a simple regime of well picked affordable products my skin is finally at peace. Come as you are, kick off your shoes and get a luxurious and effective treatment.”

— Cynthia S.

“Charlotte’s facials are super-effective. She has coached my skin through various skin troubling stressful and/or life-changing events over the years, like studying for the bar exam and getting married. She stays on top of the latest trends in skin care and uses both natural/organic approaches and more high tech options like light treatments.

Relying on Charlotte’s recommendations has actually been a real money saver. She never pushes product. If she recommends something, I know it will be targeted exactly to what my skin needs and I know it will work. Much better than throwing money away at Sephora on products that I’m just hoping will work! She’s always on time, her studio is super clean, and she is incredibly responsive to any questions you might have.”

— Trina M.

“Charlotte’s approach to skin care is a wonderful blend of her deep and thorough knowledge of skin care and the personal connection she makes with her clients. You will receive much more than a routine facial at Flourish Skin Care. She chooses her products specifically to match the needs of her clients and then takes them on a journey to invigorated and glowing skin.”

— Carol H.

“Charlotte’s facials are nothing short of amazing! I’ve been seeing Charlotte many years, and her expertise and outstanding customer service really make me look forward to the appointments. Flourish Skin Care Studio is warm, inviting, clean and special. I feel so relaxed and comfortable there! This is truly an affordable way to feel pampered and at the same time I know that I am investing in myself and the health of my skin! I love love love the products Charlotte uses — I leave with my skin feeling like a million bucks!”

— J.J.